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Charlie & Maryann B.

Rick and Will,

Thanks for the letter and for a truly professional job. Charlie and I were so happy with the results of the porch.  So many compliments from our friends and family. Our backyard is a lovely wooded area and yet we didn’t go out in the back as often as we would have liked because of bugs and such. 

The porch has opened up nature to us and we couldn’t be happier. We would recommend Chapel Hill Construction to anyone.  You both were available to us whenever we had questions or concerns. The quality of your workmen is amazing. To watch them construct, paint and follow through on all the nuances of the building was a pleasure to watch.

We literally could see the porch take off on a daily basis. We were so pleasantly surprised with the design of the porch.  The slope of the roof gives a certain elegance to the completed project.  You both kept us informed as to what was the next progression of the project. We couldn’t wait to come home from work every day to see what new things were being done. Your workmen were so pleasant to us and at the end of the day, the debris was cleaned up. Your price was reasonable but we feel we got a million-dollar porch. 

I will finish up by telling you that the just last night as we were enjoying sitting on the porch, we heard the sounds of owls.  Since we had our binoculars out there, we watched and listened to a pair of mating owls call to each other while flying through the trees.  At that moment, we said, ” What a great porch!”

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