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Pollen and Winter Curtains

Clear Vinyl Plastic Panels

We are now able to protect your porch from the Pollen Attack every spring. Forget about cleaning all your furniture and scrubbing your porch after every pollen season. Our Pollen curtain keeps all the pollen and debris out and keeps your porch nice and clean.Now you are able to enjoy your porch in the spring time without the worry of having to wash your valuable furniture and floors. No expense of those costly furniture covers. Now you can buy furniture with material covers and not worry about damaging them each year.

Our Pollen curtains have a dual use; they can protect your porch in the winter also. Any area around your house with a covered roof can be converted into valuable outdoor living space with a Clear vinyl winter curtains. A winterized porch does much more than just adds value to your home. Use your clear vinyl winter panels to add living space, enclose a gazebo, deck, or patio.

A three season porch is a versatile addition to any home, especially if you can remove it during the warmer months. When used with an outdoor space heater, you can be toasty warm outdoors. With Clear Vinyl Plastic Panels, you can enjoy a frosty winter day without freezing your toes. A vibrant and alluring addition to any home, clear vinyl winter curtains do more than provide protection from the elements.

We offer custom-made clear vinyl plastic curtain panels as a removable alternative to permanent enclosures. Comparatively inexpensive, outdoor plastic winter panels are for the “porch too beautiful to permanently enclose” and, for the homeowner who wants quality AND savings with delivery in 5-7 business days. Custom-made with the highest quality materials, attach clear vinyl plastic curtains using either curtain tracking or Velcro® tape. They are easily rolled up also for those warm days and then just snap them back in place. 

Properties & Constraints

  • Double polished marine grade
  • 16 mil Clear Vinyl
  • California fire rated
  • Cold crack test to 0° F or -15° C (16mil)
  • Cold crack test to -15° F or -26° C (20mil)


We reinforce the seams with a nylon border prior to stitching such that the effective thickness of the borders, where it matters, is about 50mil to avoid perforation. Clear Vinyl panels will last about 4 years or longer with proper care.

Important Temperature Constraints

Clear vinyl Plastic will crack if folded below 0° F or -15° C which can happen in the wind. Do not try to manipulate curtains below these temperatures as they become brittle and will crack. Some northern clients have sub zero temperatures and remove clear vinyl curtains during the coldest months and use clear vinyl curtains as a three-season application. As you will see in following the next step, We add a flexible webbing to absorb twisting of the clear vinyl along the attachment edges of the curtains. If you get news of unusually cold temperatures, run a heater in the space (as you would run water to avoid a pipe burst) to keep your porch temperature above 0° F.

In addition, temperatures above 95 degrees will slowly shrink panels. It is best to remove panels in the summer and store panels in a COOL DRY place. Storing Clear plastic panels in a 130 degree attic will definitely shrink panels and give you a terribly surprise when you re-hang.

Wind Constraints

Remember these are perfectly dense and act as a large sail in strong winds. All manufacturers will tell you that these are designed to block the chilly breeze but can get damaged in strong winds. For wind speeds above 20-25mph, it is best not to try to fight nature and open them up to allow the strong winds to pass. If you have these types of winds, let us know so that we can maximize stability. In addition, the tracking option will enable you to open curtains up quickly in strong winds.

Warming your Space

We’re nuts about safety and heaters can be dangerous. Consider an electric radiating heater that is safely placed to avoid fire and burns. Propane space heaters burn cleaner (byproduct is carbon-dioxide and water) than fuel based heaters but humans need oxygen and your space needs ventilation.

Never! Never! Never! use other organically fueled heaters (such as kerosene) that produce dangerous toxic gasses (carbon monoxide). It would be like sealing your garage and running your car engine. In time, IT WILL KILL YOU. Please be smart about your heating sources and carefully read up on the manufacturer warnings when purchasing. We want you and yours, SAFE!


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